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Now that you have finished your education you are finally ready to practice medicine. It probably felt like this day was never going to arrive but it is here and the only thing left to do is find a place to hang your license. Interviewing for a job might still be frightening even after everything you have had to endure to get to this place in your life, but just take a deep breath and understand that the worst is behind you. It was infinitely more difficult to get accepted into med school than it will be finding employment as a Pediatrician.

Although it probably depends on where you interview, there are some standard questions that will be asked of you. While it is difficult to second guess what any prospective employer will ask on an interview, you can expect questions such as:

- What made you decide to specialize in Pediatrics?
- Past Employment History
- Criminal History
- Family Background
- What would you say qualifies you for employment at this particular office/clinic/hospital, etc.

Hopefully you will be able to honestly say that you love working with kids! And although your employment history may not be relevant to the field of medicine, your work ethics are of utmost priority. As far as criminal history goes, they will want to know that you have had no legal issues involving children, drugs, theft or fraud. Unbelievably, you would be amazed at how many people with criminal records have slipped through the cracks when applying to their state for medical licensure. Although family background isn't necessarily important, your sense of ethics is often directly proportionate to your upbringing. And let's hope you have something more to offer than your license qualifies you for employment because the competition is stiff, even at this level of expertise.

Just loosen up and be open and honest. Show them that you are outgoing and sincere because that is so important when dealing with children. All the medical training in the world isn't going to mean that Susie's mom will bring her child back to a Pediatrician that frightens her. An interviewer will spot that and in most cases that's more important than graduating magna cum laude. If you frighten the patients away there will be no practice to work at! Don't let nerves get in the way and you're home free.

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Pediatrician Interview Questions

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This article was published on 2010/04/14