Journalism jobs – Experience freedom, power and glamour

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Journalism is synonymous with many names, terms and phrases; voice of people, the pillar of democracy, freedom of expression and media are some of those. It is powerful platform which can bring down governments, create revolution and force judiciary to change its verdict.

Journalism has two subsets; print and electronic. The former usually caters to newspapers and magazines and while the latter is synonymous with television. Journalism jobs are not limited in terms of functions and pool size. Many people relate journalism to editors and TV anchors.

But the fact is, apart from these two key positions, there are myriad of other jobs which are available for aspiring individuals. Some of them are mentioned below.

1. Editors, sub-editors and reporters.

2. Anchors and TV reporters.

3. Graphic designers, page layout experts, content writers, proof readers etc.

4. Camera men, makeup artistes, production controllers, sound and transmission experts etc.

The above mentioned designations are just a few examples which fall under journalism. And with the advent of internet a new arm of this platform has developed, called web journalism. It typically means broadcasting or printing for World Wide Web. This avenue demands a different set of accomplishments, skills and creativity.

Like journalism, even broadcasting jobs are available in two distinct formats; on-air or on-screen. On-air typically means individuals who want to make career as radio jockeys or RJ's as they are popularly called. The job involves chatting with listeners and playing music as per their requests. This platform also offers other jobs such as; interviewer, host and commentator.

On the other hand on-screen jobs typically refer to broadcasters, video jockey's, hosts etc. Although this field is exciting and glamorous it is very demanding in terms of creativity and commitment. If you possess great inter personal skills, and looking for an exciting career which allows people interaction, then broadcasting is for you.

Publishing is not just limited to print. Today, it encompasses web and e-publication. The typical job opportunities that are available with publishing industry are; writing, editing, proof reading, typesetting, graphic page designing, layout and marketing & customer relation. Although publishing jobs might not be a very exciting, it arms you with the power to share knowledge and change the mindset of people.

Web publishing is definitely more promising and exciting than traditional publishing. A degree in any language, mass communication or journalism is essential for most of the media jobs.

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Journalism jobs – Experience freedom, power and glamour

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Journalism jobs – Experience freedom, power and glamour

This article was published on 2012/03/26