Employment Laws And Mitigation

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Every year many people lose their jobs due to no fault of their own. In some cases these people were wrongly dismissed and were not provided with any reason for their dismissal or with severance pay. This dismissal can come as a complete shock with no warning or fair treatment. For these people there exists an option to help them restore their employment rights and recover lost wages; an employment lawyer.

These lawyers are trained and well versed in all of the employment laws of Canada and can assist you in finding out why you were fired unfairly and assist you in recovering wages and severance pay. With a consultation with an employment lawyer you can find out your rights and what you are entitled to in your wrong dismissal case. They will tell you during your consultation what your options are and what outcomes you can expect.

Employment lawyers can also help with other legal issues pertaining to employment. For example maybe you signed a contract with your current employer when you joined the company and this contract will not allow you to quit nor allow you to work with competing companies. You could have been offered a high raise at a competing company and wish to work for there instead but your current contract is preventing you from doing so. If you current employer will not match the salary offering of their competitor; you may be able to get out of your contract with them with the aid of an employment lawyer. During a conference between you, your lawyer, and your current employer; you may be able to negotiate new terms of your contract that will allow you to leave your current position sooner or may allow you to leave right away.

You may have hired an employee you thought was a great fit for your company but its not working out. You want to replace them but you are unsure of the proper amount of notice time to give them or the proper amount of severance pay you need to pay them. An employment lawyer can assist you in deciding the best way to relieve this employee of his/her duties while not risking being sued for wrongful dismissal.

Whether you have been wrongfully dismissed, are seeking freedom from your contract, or are wondering how much notice to give current employees; an employment lawyer can give you the best advice and legal consul.
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Employment Laws And Mitigation

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This article was published on 2011/02/14