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The Law Office of Jessie M. Thomas offers knowledgeable and comprehensive legal representation and advice associated to permanent residency through employment. There are quite a few core elements necessary for employment-based immigration, but you can rely on our years of encounter to walk you by means of the complex method, step by step.

The routine for obtaining a green card by means of employment needs work from both the applicant and their prospective employer. For the reason that of this, The Law Office of Jessie M. Thomas also represents employers who would like to sponsor a potential foreign employee for permanent residency. We can help the employer understand and fulfill their a number of essential duties and obligations all through the procedure of obtaining an employment visa.

Working to understand and meeting the requirement vital to receive permanent residency and employment in the U.S. can be a lengthy, complicated process but we can support ensure your status is resolved in a timely, helpful matter.

H1-B Temporary Expert Worker Visa
For skilled professional foreign workers, H-1B temporary employment visas are the most widespread route into the United States. Workers are brought in on a nonimmigrant basis due to their merit and capacity in a specialty occupation. This can include medicine and well being care staff, scientists, biotechnology experts, fashion models, small business professionals, or everyone with distinguished abilities. At present, the United States allowed for 65,000 such visas to be issued.

We can make certain you meet all the needs under present immigration law, as well as stop delays throughout the procedure. You can count on the our dynamic team to maintain you conscious of the continual changes in the procedure of H1-B visas, while proactively ensuring possible employees are ready with all the important documentation for the application approach. All the while, we will work tough to prevent unnecessary rejections or visa delays.

Dallas Immigration Attorney Jessie Thomas has an extensive background evaluating H-1B cases nationwide. Whether you have a desire to bring a skilled worker into your business enterprise, or if you are interested in finding legal aid yourself to ensure your employment visa is processed properly and promptly, The Law Office of Jessie M. Thomas can assist.

If you are in the approach of filing for or appealing the determination of a waiver of this kind, you will want qualified legal enable on your side. We represent clients nationwide. For skilled employment visa guidance, contact us today.

H-1C Registered Nurse Working in a Wellness Expert Shortage Location as Determined by the Department of Labor
The H-1C nonimmigrant temporary worker classification is for foreign nurses coming to the United States temporarily to carry out services as a registered nurse in a well being professional shortage location as determined by the Department of Labor (DOL).

The H-1C nonimmigrant category was introduced in 1999 specifically to address the shortage of nurses in the United States.Applying for an H-1C nonimmigrant visa is a multi-step procedure that involves coordination from DOL and USCIS.Prior to filing a petition with USCIS for an H-1C visa, DOL should present an attestation to petitioning hospitals certifying that they meet the qualifications as required by regulation.Among the qualifications, hospitals are essential to be situated in a "well being expert shortage location."

Eligibility Criteria
To qualify for an H-1C visa you need to:

Dallas Immigration Attorney Jessie Thomas

Have a full and unrestricted nursing license in the nation where your nursing education was obtained, or have received a nursing education and license in the United States
Be authorized by the proper U.S. State Board of Nursing to practice within the state
Have passed the examination given by the Commission on Graduates for Foreign Nursing Schools (CGFNS), or have a full and unrestricted license to practice as an Registered Nurse in the state where you will work, or have a full and unrestricted Registered Nurse's 'license in any state and have received temporary authorization to practice as an Registered Nurse in the state where you will work. For much more specifics, please see the Commission on Graduates for Foreign Nursing Schools (CGFNS) link to the proper
Have been fully qualified and eligible under the state laws of the state of intended employment to practice as a Registered Nurse right away upon admission to the United States
The employer need to meet edibility criteria in order to file a Form I-129, Petition for Nonimmigrant Worker, under the H-1C Program. To qualify, the U.S. employer ought to:

Dallas Immigration Attorney Jessie Thomas

Be a "subpart D" hospital under the Social Security Act
Be situated in a "Well being Skilled Shortage Area"
Have at least 190 acute care beds
Have a Medicare population of no less than 35%
Have a Medicaid population of no less than 28%
Be certified by the Department of Labor

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Dallas Immigration Attorney Jessie Thomas

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